DinoLingo: Language learning programs for kids.

As a member of influenster, i was recently invited to learn about DinoLingo and to watch clips of their videos for free on YouTube. DinoLingo is a new language learning program for kids. My kids and I watched several of their videos. First we watched the English Language animals video. It is meant for ESL children learning the english language but I think It would be good for young English speaking children who are first learning the names of various animals as the clip We saw was only a couple minutes long but had pictures and names of a whole list of different animals. Next we watched the Spanish video and the Japanese video. They were the same video just in the two different languages and we loved them. I myself understand both languages as well as several others but still enjoyed them with the kids. The kids picked up the different words and names of the animals surprisingly fast. For a three and five year old, it was fun to watch them and listen as they repeated the name for cat and dog and several other animals. I believe that videos such as this are an excellent way for young children to learn another language. When it’s made interesting and featuring subjects that interest them, such as animals, in the videos we watched, they learn it quicker and I think are more apt to retain the information. I know I’ve watched other programs where the characters spoke bits of Spanish and I still clearly remember the songs and whatnot from the show. Go to dinolingo and check it out for yourself. Here is the direct link so you can pick a language and check it out yourself with your children. We watched English, Spanish and Japanese, but there are many many more. DingoLingo free language lesson.

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