Gillette Venus Embrace Razor

Recently, I received the Gillette Venus Embrace Razor in my cosmo VoxBox from Influenster. It was mentioned briefly in an earlier post about my VoxBox. This post is going to be all about this latest Venus product. I’ve been using the Gillette Venus razors for years since it first came out back when there was only one, the original 3 blade Venus razor. Now, there are so many different blades and different handles. One of the best things about the Venus razors is that any of their blades will fit any of the razor handles so you can test out any of the blades to find which you like best without buying a whole new shaving system. Or if you’re like me, you find the blade which suits you best, which is the Venus Embrace for me, and collect all the different colored handles and alternate between them! Unlike the days of just the original Venus razor, there are now many different Venus Razors and blades and even more disposable Venus products for when you are on the go.

The Venus Embrace features five blades that individually adjust to give you the closest shave ever. It also has ribbons of moisture to help it glide over your skin. I am really happy that Gillete DID NOT add those annoying big bulky moisture bars to this razor as that is one of the main things that turned me off on some of other Venus razors. Ive tried all of the Venus razors and have used them since they first came out but often switched to another razor because I was never truely satisfied with the shave I was getting. That all changed with the Venus Embrace; it is my favorite out of all the Venus razors that have been made and I was excited to receive this razor in my Influenster VoxBox, even though I already had it as you can never have too many! I feel like I can get a closer and better shave using shaving cream and the Embrace blades than with any of the other Venus razors. Using shaving cream is essential in getting the closest possible shave and leaves your skin silky, soft and smooth!

For more information on all the Venus razor and refills, check out their website!

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