Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology

Recently I learned about the Global Green USA Green School Mkeover Competition Presented by Pureology on Influensters website. I’ve been a member of influnster for a couple months ago but this task was very different from anything else I’d done for them. This was a contest to help schools become more green. The synopsis of this competition is that every Child deserves a learning environment that is safe, Healthy, free of harmful toxins and optimal for learning. The goal of the green school makeover competition is to provide these things to deserving schools. And to do this, they have opened it up so that everyone can nominate their school to win. This is an amazing opportunity for any school to win. Winners of the competition will receive the following incredible prizes: Grand prize winning school will receive 75,000$ to makeover their school as well as 65,000$ of technical assistance. But even if your school doesn’t win the grand prize, they still have a chance to win as there will also be Office depot gift cards ranging in value from 1,000$ to 5,000$ which will be awarded to the top ten schools.

This is incredible. I don’t know a single school around that couldn’t benefit from this contest. And for a school with a very small budget like my step daughter’s school, winning this contest would have an effect so large that every child would benefit now as well as many more children in years to come. Even winning a top ten award and being the recipient of one of the gift cards would help her school out so much. The possibilities of what they could do with this money are unlimited, from redoing the air conditioning to a more energy efficient system, to building a garden for the school, Installation of water conserving features, installing a green roof….etc, these are just a few of the many things that could be done! Green measures such as all these and more would help provide a safer environment by providing a healthier environment, facilitate better learning, Provide unique educational opportunities, and lower operating costs which would all Increase student performance.
It is important to me because my step daughter attends a school that needs a lot of help in this year. My own high school that I attended more than 15 years ago practiced more things that are considered green than her current high school which is very sad to me. I decided to participate in this competition and nominate her high school because I think it is very important for teachers and schools to teach children how to live more green and therefore protect our planet and also institute these same practices that they teach in the school system. For instance, my daughters school has receycle bins in the classrooms and also at various other places throughout the school. However, I have not only never seen a teacher or other faculty member encourage students to use them, but I’ve never seen them use them either… Another thing, they are allotted so much paper per teacher for the year….my daughters teachers ran out of this allotment months ago and this is only march. They do not conserve paper…. There are several other areas that concern me…a major concern being their air conditioning system. It is very old ANC outdated and therefore not at all energy efficient. The school has very little money as it is, they do not even have the funds to provide the students books for their classes and I feel that if they upgraded the air conditioning system, they could save a lot of wasted energy and money which they could turn around and put into the school and student.,…providing books for them would also help rather than photo copying everything for students….I could type for days all the ways that her school could stand to benefit from this green school competition…it’s a wonderful thing that Pureology is sponsoring and the schools that win will have an incredible chance To turn their schools around and make them so much better….
For more information on Pureology and the competition, visit the Pureology website at:

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