Gillette Venus Embrace Razor

Recently, I received the Gillette Venus Embrace Razor in my cosmo VoxBox from Influenster. It was mentioned briefly in an earlier post about my VoxBox. This post is going to be all about this latest Venus product. I’ve been using the Gillette Venus razors for years since it first came out back when there was only one, the original 3 blade Venus razor. Now, there are so many different blades and different handles. One of the best things about the Venus razors is that any of their blades will fit any of the razor handles so you can test out any of the blades to find which you like best without buying a whole new shaving system. Or if you’re like me, you find the blade which suits you best, which is the Venus Embrace for me, and collect all the different colored handles and alternate between them! Unlike the days of just the original Venus razor, there are now many different Venus Razors and blades and even more disposable Venus products for when you are on the go.

The Venus Embrace features five blades that individually adjust to give you the closest shave ever. It also has ribbons of moisture to help it glide over your skin. I am really happy that Gillete DID NOT add those annoying big bulky moisture bars to this razor as that is one of the main things that turned me off on some of other Venus razors. Ive tried all of the Venus razors and have used them since they first came out but often switched to another razor because I was never truely satisfied with the shave I was getting. That all changed with the Venus Embrace; it is my favorite out of all the Venus razors that have been made and I was excited to receive this razor in my Influenster VoxBox, even though I already had it as you can never have too many! I feel like I can get a closer and better shave using shaving cream and the Embrace blades than with any of the other Venus razors. Using shaving cream is essential in getting the closest possible shave and leaves your skin silky, soft and smooth!

For more information on all the Venus razor and refills, check out their website!

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My First VoxBox! CosmoVoxBox

I received my first ever VoxBox from Influenster a couple days ago. It’s the CosmoVoxBox 2012. I was so excited when I found out it was on the way. The only issue I had was it took longer than expected to receive it from when I received the email that it had been sent out, And the tracking number that I was sent was invalid according to the USPS website, so I couldnt track to see where it was at so I would know when it would arrive….not complaining, I was just super excited for it to get here. Now, for the reveal….what was included in my VoxBox.

Pilot FriXion Pens
I received a black one and a red one. Ive been using these since they first came out so was happy to receive more of them as I really like these pens. FriXion pens are erasable, but they are not erasable like the old school ersseable pens that left smudges on your paper. These actually work and work well. They erase completely with no marks or tears to your paper as they work by removing the heat sensitive ink by friction. I do a lot of sewing so in addition to just writing with them, I use them for marking fabric as the ink will totally disappear with an iron…..they are so wonderful for sewing. The pens come in several different colors and they also have FriXion highlighters which I’ve also tried and also work great too.

Gillette Venus Embrace Razor & Venus Olay Refill Cartridge
Another product I currently use, but I hadn’t yet tried the Olay blades, so was excited to try the new blade…..another great Gillette Venus product. The Olay blades are great…the blade contains Olay moisturizer bars on the razor which help to give a really close super soft shave. And just like all the other Venus blades, any Venus blade fits and works with any Venus razor…so you can choose whatever color handle you like and still be able to use whichever blade you like best, which I really like as it comes in handy when new blades come out to not have to buy a new razor which also keeps more trash out of the landfills, too!

Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Escape
I’ve tried many of the Ghirardelli chocolates before. We absolutely love the milk chocolate/caramel bar they also offer so this new chocolate bar was intriguing. Chocolate and sea salt….hmmmm….well, I like chocolate and I like sea salt…so what about the combo. Oh, and I can’t forget…roasted almonds. I admit, I was a bit unsure about this chocolate as I’m not a huge fan of nuts & chocolate……I tend to like one or the other in most cases and not always the mix…. Well, Ghirardelli did something right when coming up with their latest flavor as rather than detracting from the fine milk chocolate, the seasalt and roasted almonds add to and compliment it perfectly. The salty bursts from the sea salt really bring out the rich flavor of the chocolate and the roasted almonds just add to it…. Yum. Will be buying more of these! My husband absolutely loved it too….he stole most of the bar! Lol

Last, but not least….

Forever Red by Bath & Body Works
Forever Red is B&BW latest scent. Loved the cute little solid red bottle this comes in. And since this is a small size bottle, it will be perfect to fit in my purse to use when I’m out and about. This latest fragrance is kind of hard to describe….it’s almost like a mixture of several of their other scents…. Its a little sweet, a little spicy, a little floral, all mixed up in one….like i said, almost like a combo of several of their other popular scents all mixed together. It’s very different from scents I normally purchase, but still nice. The scent is intense so a little will go a long way so this small size will last a good long time. I am interested in trying some of their other products in this scent, especially a bubble bath and lotion…and perhaps some of the other products as well.

All in all, a great little box of goodies….I was able to try a couple new items and receive extras of some of my current favorites. Since the products I had already tried that I received in this VoxBox were some that I really like, I was happy to have them included. I hope every future VoxBox is as good as this one, and full of products Of products I love. If you are interested in learning more about VoxBoxes and influenster check out the Cosmo VoxBox 2012 page. If you love trying new products and sharing your opinion with others, sign up with Influenster and maybe you can get a VoxBox, too!

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Vocal point

Check it out.

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DinoLingo: Language learning programs for kids.

As a member of influenster, i was recently invited to learn about DinoLingo and to watch clips of their videos for free on YouTube. DinoLingo is a new language learning program for kids. My kids and I watched several of their videos. First we watched the English Language animals video. It is meant for ESL children learning the english language but I think It would be good for young English speaking children who are first learning the names of various animals as the clip We saw was only a couple minutes long but had pictures and names of a whole list of different animals. Next we watched the Spanish video and the Japanese video. They were the same video just in the two different languages and we loved them. I myself understand both languages as well as several others but still enjoyed them with the kids. The kids picked up the different words and names of the animals surprisingly fast. For a three and five year old, it was fun to watch them and listen as they repeated the name for cat and dog and several other animals. I believe that videos such as this are an excellent way for young children to learn another language. When it’s made interesting and featuring subjects that interest them, such as animals, in the videos we watched, they learn it quicker and I think are more apt to retain the information. I know I’ve watched other programs where the characters spoke bits of Spanish and I still clearly remember the songs and whatnot from the show. Go to dinolingo and check it out for yourself. Here is the direct link so you can pick a language and check it out yourself with your children. We watched English, Spanish and Japanese, but there are many many more. DingoLingo free language lesson.

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I recently joined a site called influenster. It’s a site where you review products you’ve used. The more you participate, the higher your status. Occasionally, people get sent boxes of goodies to try out called voxboxes. Looking forward to receiving my first one. Have been actively reviewing lots of products lately to get my score up there…hope I get something soon. Check it out. If you enjoy spreading word of mouth info about products, this site is for you. And as they say, turn your social influence into rewards!


Check it out!

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. There will be no rhyme or reason to the content…just a bit of things I like that I feel like writing about. Hope you enjoy.

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